What is DUO escort?

Duo escorts are two women who work together as escorts. They do come as package and work as a couple. When you order for a duo escort you get both of them. Of course men would like a duo escort but so do some women. It is not a surprise that duo escorts are very popular and are regularly requested from escort services. They have been part and parcel of escort services since the very beginning. People are attracted to duo escorts for a variety of reasons most of which are personal but some will be presented here:


Some people are attracted to duo escorts due to their price. Most customers of duo escorts will often think that they will get two for the price of one and a half. It is not always the case but it is true. Economies of scale apply in this business too. Price is a very important factor when choosing an escort. Most will charge even a £300 per hour. If a duo escort charges £150 then it makes complete sense to get both. It is a relative bargain to acquire such a package only if one is sure they can handle it.


Duo escorts are also chosen because of the fact that you can get two different types of women that one is attracted to. There are many combinations for one to choose from depending in what is available. Many escorts will have no problem working with another so it is all down to the client. A client may want a Caucasian escort and an exotic one like a Chinese escort to mix things up. They may also decide to have both exotic girls like having an Eastern European escort with an Blonde escort to really enjoy the variety.

Girl on girl action

Different people have different tastes and preferences. Some people will hire a duo escort just so they can have the two girls paying them their full attention but some will want some girl on girl action. Different people are turned on by different things and the escorts will give the client the service that they desire. Girl on girl action has grown more popular with more acceptance of the LGBT community and will continue to be more common. Girl on girl action is just what duo escorts are about in addition to inflating one’s ego.


Some people hire duo escorts for the novelty of the experience. A new experience literally affects the chemistry of the brain so a threesome with a duo escort will really be incredible. If someone has never had a threesome, they will be thrilled if their first time is with a duo escort. The couple will probably have been there and done that before and will know exactly how to give the client a great experience. The experience of having two women take care of you in bed is quite exciting and for some it is better to be shown the ropes by professionals rather than stumble through their first time.