Escort Employment

Would you like to make bags of cash and live with more freedom and flexibility than ladies who lunch? If this sounds good to you, why not work as an escort?

London is a huge, exciting and fun-packed city to live in – if you have the cash to pay the notoriously high costs. For everyone else, it can be pretty miserable. For those in escort employment, the city provides all the entertainment, shopping facilities and world-class venues that a person could desire, and the cash to enjoy it all to the max.

Exploding Common Myth of Escort Employment #1 

An escort is not a prostitute; an escort is what was once known as a courtesan.

Escorting is largely about one thing: caring for clients. Being an escort is about providing a service of care and intimacy for gentlemen, it is a no-strings attached girlfriend who is paid for her partnership in order to avert problems with non-mutual attraction.

Prostitution is about sex, escort employment is about providing a girlfriend experience for a limited period of time. Visits may be regular and repeated, but the escort and gentleman are responsible to one another only during the period of the booking, and there is none of the emotional risk or complications of ‘real life’ partnerships.

Exploding Common Myth of Escort Employment #2

Escorts do not have to look like Julia Roberts.

In today’s society, the ideal female is often held up as a very young, impossibly beautiful and a size zero stunner. However, this type of beauty does not necessarily make the ideal escort. Escort employment is about spending time with a client, talking, getting to know him and sharing his thoughts and fantasies.

The ideal escort is an attractive woman who cares about people and is someone who knows how to put her man at ease. If you’re interested in getting into work as a London escort, your main concern should be whether you have the talent for this. It is not about your measurements!

Exploding Common Myth of Escort Employment #3

Escort employment is not a crime!

Providing sex for payment is illegal, but this is not what an escort does. An escort is paid for her time and companionship and for providing a girlfriend experience for her clients. For many men, this girlfriend experience includes sex, and many escorts are happy to be this intimate. Any sexual activity, however, takes place between consenting adults and is not the ‘service’ for which is being paid.

Escorts who are not willing to have sexual contact with their clients usually state this is their ads.

If you are interested in finding work as a London escort, there are a number of paths to consider. However we would certainly like to hear from you. Please complete our Aurum employment form and we will be in touch to discuss your options and how you can become an Aurum escort and start earning the money you deserve. Make no mistake. Adult escorts can have a whole lot of fun and are very well paid for their unique talents.