Strip Girls in London

With a city like London, the one and only drawback to a night out is choosing between the vast numbers of pubs, bars, clubs and entertainment venues in which to spend your night. Even the longest pub-crawl in the world would still not allow you to visit more than a tiny fraction of the establishments before your liver gave in. But if you're looking for drink, music, entertainment and girls, why not narrow your search to the London strip clubs?

Even at this stage, however, there are still more than enough options open to you. Are you looking for a lively, rowdy sort of strip club, or an up-market gentleman's club? Would you opt for one of the chain establishments, or would you prefer a smaller, independent option? There are pros and cons to each, but if you know where your tastes lie, it will make it easy enough to narrow your search right down to only those with the scene and girls that suit you.

Amongst the dozens of London strip clubs, there are female and male exotic dancers that cater exclusively for women, but of course the majority of clubs only have sexy girls dancing for male drinkers. Some of the London strip clubs offer table dancing as well, others offer lap dancing and some include private shows for an extra fee.

The exotic dancers at London strip clubs are a diverse bunch of beautiful babes. Not just sexy in face and body, these girls are lithe, toned and flexible – able to twist and twirl around stripper poles that flaunt their curves to perfection. These girls are real crowd pleasers and exhibitionists and work hard to give you pleasure, teasing you with their mouth-wateringly firm bodies and bewitching you with those naughty smiles. So enticing are these girls that it is no surprise security is hired to enforce the ‘no touching rule'.

Some strip clubs have dancers of Eastern European or Asian origin, and many have dancers who also work as Aurum escorts or porn stars. There are clubs with all their dancers aged between 18 and 21, and other clubs with more experienced ladies.

An evening in a strip club is a popular choice for men celebrating stag nights, birthdays and other celebrations, or simply seeking to cheer up a friend or liven up an evening. Some men choose to go and take in the entertainment by themselves, preferring to focus all their attention on the girls and not be distracted by their friends or colleagues. Other men prefer to go in a group, and share the entertainment with others.

Whatever you desire, the various strip clubs of London are sure to have the girls and the ambience for you. However, if you don't like the no touching rule, you can always hire a lady who will give you a private party. Some of these girls just love to perform with groups of men.