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This July, a new original TV series hits the silver screen, detailing one happily married banker called Neil Truman (played by Matt Passmore), and his not so happily married wife Grace (played by Stephanie Szostak), the latter having started a sizzling love affair with a male adult escort. The show is labelled as a provocative series that covers many of the issues affecting modern day marriage and deals with what couples do when they realises that having it all is not enough, and having someone else is a whole lot more fun. The series follows the two thirty-something's as Truman discovers that his marriage is not all that he thinks it is. After the discovery of the affair, and subsequently managing to steal the adult escort's phone and contact list, Truman proceeds to contact all of the adult escorts female clients in an attempt to explore what is wrong with him and to find out what made his wife stray. The show airs on Thursday's at 10/9c on the USA Network. This show should not be confused with the Aussie TV show of the same name, which similarly delves into the world of the adult services industry. The Australian Satisfaction show however focuses on the lives of six working girls at brothel 232 in Melbourne.