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Escort services acquire specific content depending on a customer’s requirements.

Girls in Aurum escort services should have attractive physical appearance, ability to keep the conversation going, good manners, sense of humor, willingness to participate in various common tasks (e.g., bowling or dancing), etc. In addition, escort agency offers a selection of elite escort girls, speaking foreign languages and experienced in foreign trips specifics and peculiarities. For example, it's incredibly convenient, if a client is going on a trip with mandatory attendance at various events. Girls are selected individually for each meeting. They do not only look great, but also can make you a company playing tennis or singing karaoke. The task of escort service is accompanying client on trips or at events, at rest and during working meetings. We guarantee an escort girl’s effectiveness, quickness and pleasant mood. The agency provides complete privacy of the orders acquired. Our agency is oriented on provision of escort services that satisfy customer’s needs.

In modern society, escort services stand on an entirely new level of security.

Due to emergence of innovative communication and international computer networks, discussion of details and availability of services became much simpler. Internet abounds with sites offering conditions of activity, services rendered by London escort agency, and portfolios of elite escort girls to brighten up leisure time. The need for escort services occurs among residents of modern cities quite often. Rules of attending many activities (charity balls, business meetings) presuppose a companion that will not only correspond to the entourage, but also be able to support an intelligent conversation, showing excellent manners. In an unfamiliar city or remote country, escort services will help deciding on local attractions and pleasant places to relax. And finally, lack of time to search for and develop serious relationships is one of the most important and common causes of such leisure. Making good use of an evening or weekend with an intelligent, attractive companion is what inhabitants of large cities aspire to.

The tradition of providing escort services in its modern sense goes back to antiquity.

In Ancient Greece, "providers of joy" or so-called “hetaera” were praised in literature works. They performed an incredibly significant role in society. Using universal respect, they often became the arbiters of fate. Many of them differed with refined erudition and lively wit; and they knew how to charm the most outstanding figures of that time - generals, politicians, writers and artists - and tie them for a long". The attitude of ancient Greeks to hetaera was free from prejudice and contributed to prosperity and development of muses, inspiring many great people to glorious works and grand affairs. Hetaerae or Aurum escort girls were thoroughly educated women, able to conduct a conversation on any topic that interested men. Since childhood, they were taught not only the secrets of self-caring, but also science and subtleties of courteous treatment. The most attractive, insightful escort girls eventually occupied high positions in society, equal to many political and cultural figures. Their statues and pictures could be seen on central squares, and inhabitants of ancient cities could not help but feel pride and admiration for these ruling beauties. Many philosophers and creators invariably resorted to them for advice and inspiration.