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In the old days, escort girls had a high position in the society and reputed highly educated personages.
London escort girls were known as magicians, psychics and witches. In ancient times, priestesses of temples bestowed parishioners with grace of goddess. Then they were called Charitas or Graces, as people thought only escort girls joined grace and cordiality. The ancient Greek word "cordiality" - "Karis" comes from the ancient Indian "karma", which combines several meanings: mother's love, affection, security, mystical enlightenment and sexuality. In Palestine, escort girls were regarded as the embodiment of the Heavenly Queen, in Greece and Asia Minor, they were revered as queens, and some of them actually became famous. Remember the queen Theodora, a wife of Roman Emperor Justinian. In Roman, courtesans had licenses and paid taxes. Escort services became social evil with the emergence of Christianity, which, on the one hand, denounced escort girls, but on the other - agreed to receive income from escort business.

What normal guys usually do to get a girl they like? "They do literally everything for her, make gifts, love confessions, invite to cafes and restaurants. They just go mad and cannot refuse her anything. They really believe this will help them gaining the girl. But, alas, most often the best thing they get is the phrase: "Let's be friends". Beautiful girls do not respond their calls and messages. During acquaintance, many guys experience fear of elite escort girls. They do not know what to say. They are constantly tormented by questions: Why do I take care of the girl I like, make her gifts, arrange dates, but receive nothing from her? Why I make a declaration of love, but this does not help getting a girl, quite the contrary. I meet a girl but she does not give me her phone number. She does not agree to the second date. It seems everything goes well, but then she just stops responding to my calls and messages. If you are fed up with the situation, do not hesitate to contact our elite London escort agency and enjoy a girl of your dream under very tempting conditions.
International experience shows governments that legalize escort services as "sex work" will have a huge economic stake in the industry of entertainment.

Gradually, this will increase their dependence on escort sector. If London escort girls are treated as employees and customers are considered clients of escort agencies, respectively legalizing escort business as an economic sector, then governments can absolve themselves of responsibility for providing women with decent and suitable work. Currently, there are a number of existing measures allowing states protecting their citizens to prevent the spread of prostitution as a socially acceptable manifestation of anti-humane approach in the XXI century, along with terrorism, fascism and different types of discrimination. Instead of legalizing prostitution, the state may reduce demand by penalizing men who abuse escort girl and support the development of alternatives for women working in escort business. Instead of generating income by taxing escort industry, governments may invest in escort business providing economic resources from confiscated property to offer escort girls real alternatives.