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After clocking up an impressive 16 years as a Las Vegas call girl, Annie Lobert has found a new calling in life and is now saving hookers for Jesus by running a Nevada Christian ministry of the same name. Her pink and platinum blonde hair, glittery nails and openness about the sex industry is perhaps not what you would expect from your standard Bible Belt minister, but the well to do small town American folk are not who she is looking to preach to. Her aim is to clean up the sex industry in Las Vegas and offer call girls and prostitutes in the region somewhere to go if they want to quit the life. They get a clean bedroom, air conditioning, food and help with training in a new profession. The aim? To get them to accept God into their lives and to find them a new income stream to start a different life. Rather than preach about hell fire and punishment, she offers a sympathetic ear and salvation for women looking to leave the life of a street walker behind and start afresh, in the process removing some of the sin from Sin City.