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With a headline announcing an expose of an adult escort that has slept with over 10,000 men, the Irish Times story was sure to bring in more than its usual number of daily readers; keen to find out what goes on in the world of adult escorts, or at least the world of Gwyneth Montenegro. Gwyneth is an Australian born former adult escort that quit the industry after 12 years. During that time she claims to have had sex with a somewhat staggering 10,091 men. Doing the maths, this works out as a rather impressive 840 clients a year and an average of 16 per week, while she was often pulling in a cool $2,000 a night. The best client and lover out of those 10,000-odd men? Rather surprisingly, she says it was an 84-year old client. Go Viagra! Her clients were mostly married white collar businessmen who took her to 5-star restaurants, raunchy weekends away and allowed her to live the high life. She divulges that in her experience, it was not just about being available for sex, but about providing the complete service; being a good listener and a great companion. She has written tales of her adventures in a book entitled "10,000 men and counting", and is still living the high life, albeit a rather different one at 30,000 ft as a commercial pilot. Sources: