Submissive Escorts in London

Many men experience the desire to take control of another person, finding the experience exciting, empowering and deeply sensual. Equally, many women find the experience of being a submissive just as thrilling, and submissive escorts like nothing more than that. They desire to succumb and be controlled by a stronger and more powerful person. Unfortunately, not everyone who feels this way is able to find a partner who shares their S&M fantasies.

Many men with a desire for domination role-play find that the safest, easiest and most convenient way to indulge these desires is to spend time with submissive escorts. The Aurum Escorts directory includes extensive listings of beautiful and submissive escorts based in and around the London area, available for bookings with gentlemen looking to be a Master of ceremonies.

These submissive escorts include girls with all the looks, tastes, natures and inclinations that you find in ‘straight' escorts, but they all share a love of handing over control to and pleasing their appointed Master.

There are submissive escorts who are young, fresh faced and very new to the game. These girls often bring extra energy and enthusiasm to the role-play that can be particularly appreciated by older gentlemen who are looking to rejuvenate themselves with a little play time, as well as younger men who are themselves new to the scene and looking to learn a little more with someone who is at the same level.

Other submissive escorts are a little older and include some fabulous fantasy MILF's. These ladies make great partners for gentlemen of any age: whether you've been playing for many years and looking for a lady who matches or even exceeds your own experience. If you're a younger man with a desire to learn, these women can show you the ropes. The whips and the chains as well! Whatever your age, you are likely to benefit from the wisdom, sensitivity and experience that the more mature submissive escorts bring to the equation. They talk you through it before and make all the right noises.

For many gentlemen, the incall appointment makes the best choice for a date with a sub. Many of the submissive escorts have their own private apartments in which you may spend your evening. Alternatively, many men prefer to order their chosen submissive to arrive at their home or hotel room, at a precise time and wearing the exact garments that they, the Master, have specified. Your wish is your escorts command.

An outcall appointment can also be an exciting way to spend a night with a submissive. These sexy escorts are not only willing to follow your commands, they are delighted to do so – as being a submissive is something that they do for their own pleasure.

If your fantasy date with a submissive involves specifying exactly what she should wear, ordering her to arrive at the nightclub of your choice and then instructing her in exactly which tunes she should dance to and how she should dance, make an outcall appointment with one of our submissive escorts. Just be sure to call us and give us the instructions to prep your beautiful slave for the night.

The extensiveness of our listings enables you to select the perfect girl for your fantasy experience. Whether you would prefer to take control of a petite, baby-faced beauty or a mature, dignified lady, we have a selection of escorts to suit you.