Blonde London Escorts Gallery

There is a question that's been often asked. Who has more fun - blondes or brunettes? Lot of people say that it's blondes. Clients of Aurum Girls have a chance to get the answer straight from our blonde escorts themselves.

Whatever is your taste for women - tall, slim, petite or busty -, you can still find the perfect girl among our huge selection of blonde escorts. There is a reason why category of blonde escorts is one of the largest Aurum Girls has to offer.

Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, Helen of Troy, Pamela Anderson, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss. Whichever body type and look takes your fancy there are many beautiful blonde escorts in London to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes. Although the archetypal blonde babe is blue-eyed, a sexy alternative is big, brown eyes (just look at Britney, for example). The Californian beach bunny blonde has a tanned, flawless complexion, and the English Rose blonde has perfect, porcelain skin. There are dirty blondes, white-blondes, bottle blondes and blonde streaks. The blonde beauty is a diverse creature that amazes and fuels the imagination. We are sure you are now thinking of things you would like to do with a hot blonde babe.

For men driven to sinful thoughts by golden locks, and certainly those looking for fun in London, Aurum Escorts can help, with masses of blonde London escorts in London to choose from. Our directory to jam-packed full of blonde escorts in London, so enjoy taking your time choosing between the curvaceous, blue-eyed beauties, the sexy, slender stunners and the toned, brown-eyed babes.

All the profiles you see here are completely genuine so, if you are that way inclined, you could even find your favourite according to personality. There is the traditional bubbly blonde: the lively little thing who likes nothing better than giggling, bounding about the place and getting everyone around her as energetic as she is; then there is the elegant blonde, the Gwyneth Paltrow type; the calm, sophisticated lady.

All of our blonde escorts in London are available for incall and outcall appointments, so you may want to take your evening plans into account when selecting your beautiful blonde. For a formal function or work dinner, you may wish to book a sexy escort who is educated, refined and has cultural interests. For a lively night on the town or a stag night celebration with your mates, you may prefer wild blonde bombshell, a sexy little thing who can spend the evening drinking, dancing and charming everyone around her, whilst retaining the energy to continue that party at your home or hotel room at the end of the night.

We also represent blonde escorts in London who have indulged their exhibitionist tendencies in the lap-dancing and stripping professions. If you like those girls who have perfect, toned and curvaceous bodies and know exactly what to do with them, these exotic dancers make perfect dates. She could put on a private show for you in your home or hotel room, or she can spend the evening entertaining you and your friends at a stag night or birthday celebration.

There is a commonly held belief that blondes are not as bright as the average girl, but our blonde escorts in London are all as bright and sparkling as you could possibly wish for. And as for the other cliché that blondes have more fun, well, make a booking today and find out for yourself.