Brunette Escorts Gallery

Although the blonde babe is the archetypal idea of female beauty, many discerning gentlemen have more exotic tastes and prefer the dark, sultry, seductive looks that you more often find with brunette beauties. Who can resist glossy, chestnut locks framing a flawless complexion? That lovely dark colour really brings out the twinkle in those deep brown eyes. The brunette escorts has beauty of a more exotic variety, and those looks give a hint of some very sexy feelings and desires.

The brunette can be a dark, nasty vixen as in the movies, sensual vamps with none of the innocent charm of blondes. These dark beauties know exactly what they want and how to ask for it and get it. Angelina Jolie, with her dark, dangerous and sultry sexuality is the quintessential brunette vamp, and we represent escorts in London who have exactly this look.

The brunette escort at Aurum can also have an unparalleled exotic beauty, and it is not for nothing that the Latino lady is becoming the sex kitten of choice in the US. The exotic brunette can have the painfully perfect curves of J Lo, or the slender, toned frame of Penelope Cruz. Their skin is dark and their huge, black eyes look sensational when framed by lavishly long lashes.

These ladies are exotic in nature and harbour desires of an unusual kind, or they are exotic in heritage and speak with that sexy, foreign edge that can drive any red-blooded man to distraction. With a population as racially mixed as that of our capital city, it is no surprise that we represent brunette escorts in London who bring a little exoticism to the table.

Aurum London escorts can also have the look of the impossibly sexy girl-next-door. The beauty of the blonde is an obvious, in-your-face attractiveness, a look that seems consciously done, but the brunette London escort’s beauty is different. Look at the beauty Cheryl Tweedy for example. She seems to be sexy from the inside out. Her seductive eyes are the result of sexy desires, and her dark hair and complexion is symbolic of her dark worldly fantasies.

Girl-next-door beauties won’t complain, like the blonde, if you mess up her hair – in fact, she demands that you do. Aurum has brunette escorts in London of this exciting type: sexy, down-to-earth and very, very open-minded.

All the escort profiles and photos you see here are completely genuine, difficult though it may seem that these vixens actually exist and can be with you today. Beautiful, sexy and seductive, they are also open-minded, accommodating and utterly professional. Take a moment to browse our listings thoroughly, narrowing your search by your own specifications, and you are sure to find the girl (or girls) of your dreams.

Our London brunette escorts in London are all available for incall and outcall appointments in and around the city. Make a date in your home or hotel room, book a companion for a night out, or start your date in the clubs, bars and restaurants of the city before later retiring to your residence or the lady’s own private apartment. Your booking is about you and your desires, and our brunette escorts in London aim to please.