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A London escort agency that is reliable, professional and full of beautiful London escorts of all nationalities and skills will always be popular with professional businessmen and women. Across the world in the 18th and 19th century, escorts were becoming part of our modern history and the heritage upon which we have built today’s London escort agency and escort agencies across the country.

Capturing 19th century Paris and its colourful courtesans was poetically portrayed in the atmospheric musical – ‘Moulin Rouge.’ The period musical captured a stunning and exciting era in Paris which was mixed with modern musical twists and uniquely capturing a comedic yet tragic love story between a writer and the Parisian equivalent of today’s escort; a courtesan. Nicole Kidman played Satine; the desired member of the Moulin Rouge (a Parisian Dance Hall), she was named ‘The Sparkling Diamond.’ Satine found herself caught between the love of a young, handsome writer (played by Ewan McGregor) and an obsessive yet rich and powerful man who may be the only person who is able to save the Moulin Rouge from bankruptcy. Such films as Moulin Rouge have caught the attention of the general public and brought more awareness of the escort industry which is shown to be an exciting colourful world where people can disappear into a fun escapism. For the most attractive, interesting, professional and charming London escorts you will find no other escort agency in London that matches the level of service we can offer. Aurum Escorts is simply the best agency of its kind.

Towards the end of 2008 and until the present day there has been a growing demand for London escorts as well as in other areas of the UK. Escort agencies have become even more popular with the recent boom of the internet and now it is easier to view photographs and find out more about the available London escorts.
London escorts are in demand as the pressures of society tighten and businessmen and women seek a very professional London escort agency that can cater to every need. There is also an opinion that Aurum escorts have been as popular particularly within the recession as people seek escapism from the financial news. With a reliable and professional name as a London escort agency, Aurum Escorts have established themselves as one of the major players for exceptional London escorts in our capital city. If you have never been to a London escort agency then a few tips which you may like to know:

• Also make sure you can get exactly what you are looking for from your London escorts before you commit to booking one of them. Be clear from the outset as to whether you London escorts are to be booked as an in call or outcall service • Be clear on the time and address you want to meet your London escorts at • One of the most important things to note is that you need to treat escorts with respect, because they are all professional and beautiful women with lovely personalities.

London escorts have played an integral part of our history in England especially during the hypocritical Victorian era when they were first officially recognised in the then modern society. All over the world escorts have made their name from London escorts who hung around Victoria playhouses to probably one of the most fascinating periods of American history which saw painted ladies gain a international fame in the American Wild West. A harsh Puritan following dominated the Wild West and with those came plenty of Puritan sanctions which were not “practical” for the American conservative eastern inhabitants. In those days there was a different view of what were considered to be “proper” ladies such as women who dressed well and behaved correctly in society’s eyes keeping their values to themselves. A lady that was called “disgraceful,” was seen as being a person that shared her sexual virtues by providing their equivalent of escort services. In the Californian region of the country these female escorts were known as the “ladies of the line” and the cowboys referred to them as the “soiled doves.” The worst type of ‘soiled doves’ were the escorts that made their living from offering paid private escort services. Through every period of history escorts have been known as playing different roles in society, but with a common factor in mind which is to keep the men folk entertained. For the best quality escorts and premium escort services we offer a large choice of beautiful escorts in London at Aurum Escorts.